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A Squared Architecture LLC is a professional design firm specializing in contemporary residential and commercial architecture, interior design and construction consultation services. With an impressive portfolio that has earned them numerous awards, the team is world-renowned for their outstanding work. Established in Manchester, UK in 2011, the company is comprised of award-winning architects, artisans and design engineers.

The company sets itself apart from other firms by utilizing a team-oriented, integrated approach to design and construction. This unique method enables the members of A Squared Architecture LLC to create imaginative projects and ensure client satisfaction. They have successfully completed a number of challenging projects around the world, from different types of homes to business complexes and luxury resorts.

A Squared Architecture LLC strives to produce high-quality, reliable results that meet both aesthetic and practical requirements efficiently. The team understands the importance of accuracy, timeliness and performance, and takes pride in their attention to detail.

Design Process

The design process at A Squared Architecture LLC begins with a thorough assessment of all client needs. The entire team of professionals works together to develop a comprehensive design plan that meets all objectives set forth by the client, while also providing an aesthetically-pleasing outcome.

This innovative approach is made possible because of the extensive skill set possessed by the firm’s architects and design engineers. They collaborate closely with clients to create the perfect design, paying attention to every detail. Every project is tailored to the individual customer, including natural or man-made materials, colors, textures and finishes.

The products produced by A Squared Architecture LLC also take into account energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. This is important due to the ever-changing regulations and standards governing green construction. The team has substantial experience in this domain, which helps them create innovative solutions that are compliant with current regulations.

Outstanding Projects

A Squared Architecture LLC has completed a number of magnificent projects since their inception in 2011. Among their most renowned projects are a shopping mall on the outskirts of Rome, a waterfront condominium in Monaco, an energy-efficient high rise in Taipei, a hotel with modern spa in San Francisco and a sustainable housing community in India.

They have also earned a number of awards for excellence in design and execution, including the RIBA International Prize, BUSHIN Award, Inhabitat Green Design Award, ID Magazine Award and the AIA Top Ten Award.

Innovative Technologies

The architects at A Squared Architecture LLC are highly skilled in the use of advanced computer-aided design technologies, such as Rhino and Revit. These programs allow them to create stunning 3D models and renderings of the proposed buildings, making it easy for clients to visualize the finished design. The technology also allows for quick changes and adjustments during the design process.

In addition, the team at A Squared Architecture LLC utilizes powerful computer simulation software to simulate energy use and other performance metrics of the proposed buildings. This technology enables them to optimize energy use and make buildings more efficient, while still meeting all required design standards.

Seamless Collaboration

The team at A Squared Architecture LLC is dedicated to providing world-class designs and services to their clients. They strive to produce the perfect design that meets both aesthetic and practical requirements. To ensure the success of their projects, the team maintains seamless collaboration with their clients throughout the entire process.

The design process begins with an assessment of client needs and initial ideas. Then the team works together to develop a comprehensive design plan, keeping the client involved every step of the way. Finally, the designers use advanced technologies such as Rhino and Revit to create breathtaking models and renderings. The entire team is focused on producing superior results within the shortest amount of time.

Unparallelled Results

The architects and design engineers at A Squared Architecture LLC have a passion for excellence and a commitment to providing superior results. Their attention todetail is unparalled and they take great pride in their work. The team is composed of dedicated professionals who use their creative vision and innovative designs to create imaginative projects that are sure to please.

Whether the project is residential or commercial, the team at A Squared Architecture LLC is always focused on producing outstanding results that meet their clients’ expectations. With their commitment to excellence, the team at A Squared Architecture LLC is sure to make a lasting impression on the architecture industry.

Unique Approach

When it comes to creating innovative spaces, A Squared Architecture LLC stands out from other design firms. Their unique approach utilizes a team-oriented, integrated methodology that enables them to produce imaginative projects efficiently. The skilled architects and design engineers collaborate closely with clients to create the perfect design, and the advanced technologies utilized by the company give clients the ability to visualize the finished design.

The designers at A Squared Architecture LLC are always striving to create spaces that meet aesthetic and practical requirements. The overall result of their approach is superior designs that are compliant with current regulations and energy efficient. The team at A Squared Architecture LLC is committed to producing outstanding results that always meet their clients’ expectations.

Impressive Portfolio

The impressive portfolio of A Squared Architecture LLC has earned them numerous awards and accolades. From luxury residences to modern business complexes and waterfront condominiums, the company has successfully completed many challenging projects. Their accomplishments have been recognized worldwide and they have earned a number of honors for excellence in design, construction and execution.

The team of experts at A Squared Architecture LLC takes great pride in their work and continues to push the boundaries of architectural design. With their commitment to excellence and world-renowned team of professionals, the company is sure to make a lasting impression on the architecture industry.

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