A+H Architecture


A+h Architecture is a group of highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary architects and design professionals who specialize in custom projects for innovative and exclusive designs. Founded in 1994, the group has a long history of delivering quality, modern design solutions to their customers. By combining traditional elements of architecture with collaborative aesthetics and innovative materials, A+h Architecture has become a leader in the design industry.


The A+h Architecture design philosophy is firmly rooted in the simple fact that form follows function. This fundamental principle influences the way they approach each project, focusing on creating living environments that serve the needs of the client, while providing a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and also highly functional. A+h Architecture takes great pride in their commitment to bespoke design solutions and customer satisfaction.

The company draws inspiration from leading international design trends. They use a combination of material selection, color theory, and innovative lighting solutions to create modern and unique spaces. The team is also highly knowledgeable in both structural and organic elements, allowing them to create dream homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Design Philosophy

A+h Architecture puts a strong emphasis on creativity and expression, believing that every living space should have its own unique character. Their goal is to create an environment that is functional, yet still able to show a user’s individual personality and lifestyle. To reach this end, they employ a wide range of techniques, from traditional materials to modern materials, from bold colors to delicate textures, and from old-world charm to cutting-edge technology.

The team is also highly invested in sustainability, using eco-friendly and efficient materials wherever possible. All of their materials are chosen with great care, as to reduce any environmental footprint while still creating aesthetically stunning spaces. This way they are able to provide their customers with both aesthetically pleasing designs, while at the same time, reducing the environmental impact of their projects.

Unique Projects

From vacation homes to luxurious penthouses, A+h Architecture is able to design and create projects of all sizes, shapes, and budgets. The team has a special talent for creating custom spaces that are as unique as their clients. They work diligently to complete each project on time and on budget, yet also strive to achieve quality and innovative designs.

The team has undertaken a wide variety of highly complex and innovative projects all across the globe, such as the award-winning Green Heart project in Berlin, the Grand Palace Hotel in Paris, and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Shanghai. Their vast experience allows them to perfectly blend the traditional with the modern, creating a unique and memorable experience for their clients.


A+h Architecture is an innovative and creative team of architects and designers who specialize in delivering bespoke designs with unbeatable quality and service. With experience in a wide array of design styles and materials, they are capable of creating truly one-of-a-kind living spaces, while still adhering to their principles of sustainability and efficiency.

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