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A&M College Of Architecture


The Texas A&M College of Architecture’s mission is to not only offer an exceptional education in architecture but an environment that encourages innovation, critical thinking, collaboration and design excellence. This is accomplished by offering a variety of courses, concentrations and research opportunities. Students have an opportunity to pursue their studies in a unique professional and academic environment that is focused on both the practice of Architecture, as well as the broader role of the Architect in society.


The A&M College of Architecture offers degrees at the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. There are six concentrations available in the Bachelor of Architecture Program: Architectural Design, Architectural Design & Technology, Historic Preservation, Building Systems, Development & Planning, and Urban Design.

At the graduate level, the College offers Masters’ degrees in three different fields: Architecture, Historic Preservation and Urban Design. The College also offers doctoral degrees in the fields of Urban Studies, Urban Design, and Urban Design Theory and Practice.

Aside from classroom teaching, the College also helps promote research and creativity. The faculty and staff, along with external faculty and students, conduct relevant research on issues such as urbanism, global challenges, and sustainable design.

Facilities and Resources

The College of Architecture at A&M is well-equipped in terms of facilities and resources. It has a range of labs, such as the Computational Design, Structures and Materials Lab, the Digital Fabrication Lab, and the Urban Landscape Lab, to enable students to research and develop designs for urban environments.

The College also has its own library dedicated to architecture and design-related topics, and the Building Computing Environment Center, which provides access to a wide range of software and computer-aided design tools. Students also have access to the Visual Resource Center, which is a comprehensive collection of physical and digital media, as well as exhibitions and lectures.

Outreach Programs

The A&M College of Architecture encourages students to participate in a number of outreach programs in order to gain experience and insights outside of the classroom. These programs include internships, international study programs, and design competitions.

The College’s internship program offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field, either through on-campus or community-based activities. The international study programs provide students with insights into the practices and perspectives of architecture from around the world.

Finally, the design competitions offered through the College are a great way for students to hone their design skills in a competitive setting, while also developing a body of work that may be applicable to future job searches.

Professional Opportunities

The A&M College of Architecture offers a wealth of courses and other opportunities to prepare students for their future as professional Architects. The College cultivates a strong relationship with the local architecture and design firms, to ensure that students are well-versed in the professional standards and practices when they graduate.

Furthermore, the College regularly hosts job fairs, workshops and guest lectures to provide students with an opportunity to network and develop job-seeking skills. The College also offers dedicated career services, such as resume and cover letter writing assistance and CV reviews.

In addition to these services, the College has developed its own Global Footprint Program. This program provides students with a platform to showcase their portfolio and gain international recognition by connecting them with top industry leaders and employers around the world.

Academic Excellence

The A&M College of Architecture is recognized for its academic excellence and its commitment to producing graduates that are well-rounded and strengthen the Architectural profession. The faculty and staff focus on fostering a culture of research and innovation, while encouraging students to explore their creative potential and think outside the box.

The College’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated through its involvement in national and international conferences, design competitions and exhibitions. Faculty members regularly send teams of students to participate in these events. The College also sponsors a number of international student exchanges each year, providing students with an opportunity to gain insight into different Architectural practices from around the globe.

Community Outreach

The A&M College of Architecture is a champion of community engagement and outreach. The College works closely with a range of organizations, from local and state government, to community groups and schools, to help develop and improve the local area.

The College also organizes a range of extracurricular and volunteer activities for students, such as presentation useful in career development, outreach projects and the annual Community Design Night, to bridge the gap between the students and local Population.

The College also seeks to empower communities by creating opportunities through design- based initiatives such as bridging the digital divide, engaging in social justice and climate projects, and advocating for sustainability, affordability and inclusivity.


The Texas A&M College of Architecture is one of the leading colleges in the nation, offering an exceptional education in architecture, rich in academic excellence, innovative research, and community engagement. The College takes pride in offering an environment that encourages critical thinking and collaboration to foster an ‘architects for a better tomorrow’.

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