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The School of Architecture at Arizona State University (ASU) is recognized nationally for excellence in teaching and research. The faculty offer courses in Sustainable Design, Urban Planning and Construction Management. ASU is also known for its pursuit of modern, innovative design in the form of public buildings and urban plans. Leaders of the school strive to provide high quality degrees in an environment of creativity and collaboration.

The academic program at ASU in Architecture is organized into 6 schools: Environmental Design and Sustainable Solutions, Urban Planning and Construction Management, Regional and Global Practice, Design and Engagement, and Technology. Each school offers more than 15 undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees, with the opportunity to specialize in one or more of the disciplines.
At ASU, faculty take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research. Students have access to world-leading experts in their field, who engage in creative and innovative problem solving. ASU has particular strengths in regions of urban design, smart technology, green building and digital manufacturing.

Students in the School of Architecture can expect to develop an understanding of the built environment, its history, culture and significance. They will consider the design of structures of different sizes, from structures of grand scale to smaller structures in inner cities.
The curriculum emphasises the importance of creative problem-solving and an understanding of how technology can enhance the experience of living and working spaces. Several courses focus on sustainable building techniques and emerging technologies, alongside traditional construction methods.

The school also provides students with opportunities to experience the design process through internships and extracurricular activities. Popular programs include internships at leading design firms, participation in international exchange programs, and hands-on studio experiences.
The School of Architecture at ASU is committed to providing students with an environment to explore their interests in design, develop as professionals and start a successful career. The school is particularly diverse and international, allowing students to gain a global perspective.

Architectural Design Process

The School of Architecture is dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals of design from concept to construction. The School of Architecture employs a design and process-driven approach, enabling students to bring creative ideas to life.
ASU’s faculty of experienced academics and practitioners teach students to approach design as a creative problem-solving process. Students learn to use creative thinking, computer-aided design technologies, materials science and research to define, develop and deliver exceptional designs.

Students are encouraged to explore the relationship between people and the built environment. This exploration is achieved through careful study, analysis and consideration of the impact which the built environment has on the environment and its inhabitants.
The School of Architecture encourages the development of collaborative designs, which are integral to tackling society’s pressing urban and environmental challenges. This type of collaboration between architecture and other disciplines makes it possible to create responsive and responsible architectures and projects.

The school also emphasises the importance of the integrated design process in solution-driven design, engaging in multi-faceted discussions of a proposed project’s technical, economic and social aspects.
At ASU, students gain hands-on experience in lab courses, allowing them to apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom to real-world scenarios.

Research Opportunities

ASU offers students the opportunity to take part in interdisciplinary research projects, which draw on core curricula in architecture and other related fields. The School of Architecture engages closely with the industrial and academic community, providing students access to internships, research and program development opportunities.

Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and other students on interdisciplinary projects in areas such as sustainable urban systems, environmental construction, smart cities and architectural and urban design. The school also runs study-abroad and international exchange programs, and encourages faculty research collaboration with international universities.

An important part of the School of Architecture’s research activities is the CREATE Lab, which is dedicated to examining how intelligent systems can improve decision making in risk and normative contexts. The Lab brings together experts from different disciplines such as earth science, computer science and robotics to address complex research questions.

CREATE Lab also houses an array of advanced manufacturing and prototyping equipment which is used for research and teaching, for example 3D printing and digital fabrication machinery. This equips students with the skills to develop innovative products, including intelligent systems and robotic tools.

Career Outcomes

ASU’s architecture program produces well-rounded, innovative and sustainability minded professionals prepared for the challenges of the modern design industry. Graduates have gone on to work in a variety of roles in senior leadership, architecture, urban planning, teaching and research.
The innovative nature of the School of Architecture’s program has been recognised bysome of the leadingindustry professionals and firms in the USA, includingtheAmerican Institute of Architects, the American Planning Association and the US Green Building Council.

Graduates from ASU have gone on to work for architectural firms in major cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, as well as in leading international organisations. Many young professionals have made the transition from traditional practices in architecture to new approaches in urban design.

The School of Architecture prides itself on the breadth of its network of alumni, many of whom go on to hold prestigious positions in the field, working alongside some of the world’s leading architects and designers. Additionally, many alumni return to ASU as mentors, providing valuable guidance and support to current students.


The School of Architecture is housed at ASU’s Tempe, Arizona campus, which is located close to Blue Print Studio, an interdisciplinary innovation space, and over 1,400 acres of protected desert landscape and reclamation sites, which are home to some of the state’s most exciting and underutilised green spaces. On-campus resources include a mock-up laboratory, 3D printing and laser cutting lab, as well as audio-visual production studios.

The school also provides students with access to a broad range of leading-edge computer software for design and simulation, including Autodesk Revit, Rhino, 3D Studio Max, MicroStation and AutoCAD. In addition, the School of Architecture has networked with a number of firms in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, which provides students with exciting opportunities to work on real-world design projects.

Finally, the School of Architecture is a leader in providing access to the best traditional drafting tools, such as Hand Drafting, 3D Modeling and Computer Aided Drafting. Working in the digital age means students can expect to explore the full potential of computer-aided design.

Industry Partnerships

The School of Architecture works with industry partners across a number of disciplines, including engineering, construction, planning and digital fabrication. The school specifically encourages partnerships which extend beyond the university. Alliances of this kind allow students to develop competencies in areas such as digital manufacturing, which is essential to many of the careers students will pursue after graduation.

Furthermore, the School of Architecture works closely with industry experts to ensure that the courses and training offered are up-to-date with modern industry trends. For example, the faculty is highly experienced in developing projects with a focus on sustainability, from energy efficiency to streamlining of resources.

The school also offers students access to professional license examinations. Taking these professional examinations is essential for students to become architects. ASU’s faculty provide preparation courses and advisory sessions to help students successfully pass these examinations.


ASU’s School of Architecture offers its students an extraordinary education, combining practical and research-led creative thinking. A world-class faculty and excellent facilities equip graduates with a unique set of skills to pursue a career in architecture. Through a comprehensive suite of resources and industry connections, ASU accurately prepares its students for success in their current and future roles.

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