What University Is Best For Architecture In The Philippines


Acquiring a good education is crucial to any successful career whether it be in architecture or otherwise. In the Philippines, there is an abundance of universities that offer architecture courses with varying levels of quality and standards. This article will assess the best universities in the Philippines for studying architecture, discussing their reputations and the advantages they offer students.

Background Information

Multiple universities in the Philippines offer architecture courses which appeal to both local and international students. According to the Commission on Higher Education, the universities that are listed as the top five schools for architecture are the University of Santo Tomas (UST), University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman, Mapua Institute of Technology, Technological University of the Philippines, and the De la Salle College of St. Benilde Manila.

Relevant Data

UST and UP Diliman both have a reputation for excellence. They offer a range of architecture courses ranging from a general architecture course, to specialized studies in eco-utilitarian and urban design at the graduate level. Mapua Institute of Technology is known for its emphasis on the use of technology in the field of architecture, while TUP focuses more on urban planning. Lastly, St. Benilde is known for its architectural studies programs, giving students the opportunity to study a specialized course in construction management, landscape architecture, and green building.

Experts´ Perspectives

Various industry experts have their own opinions when it comes to the best university for architecture in the Philippines. According to Architect Roger Sy, who has studied and worked in the industry for more than 20 years “It is impossible for anyone to pinpoint exactly what the best university for architecture is in the Philippines. It largely depends on the student’s preferences and which school is the best fit for their goals.” Architect Valerie King, who has mentored and employed several architecture students, believes “The best university for architecture in the Philippines would have to be UST or UP Diliman. Both of these universities have proven themselves time and time again by producing excellent graduates with a high level of industry knowledge. They are also well-regarded by employers, making them the ideal choice for prospective architecture students.”

Insights and Analysis

Choosing the right university and course for architecture is a personal decision. Every individual has their own goals and desires when it comes to their future career path. Some may prefer the more traditional approach of studying at UST or UP Diliman, while others may see the technology-focused courses offered by Mapua Institute of Technology and Technological University of the Philippines as more suitable. For those interested in the specialize areas of landscape architecture or green building, St. Benilde’s course offerings may be the better choice.

Career Prospects

The career prospects of becoming an architect in the Philippines are quite positive. Architects are always in demand as the need for modern buildings and infrastructure continues to grow. With education and experience, they can expect to be well paid with a competitive salary. However, it is important to remember that architecture requires dedication and hard work and is not always the most glamorous of professions.

Financial Aid

Studying architecture comes with a hefty price tag in the Philippines. Most universities offer financial aid to prospective students in the form of loans, scholarships, and grants. It is important for students to explore these options and make sure that they are applying for the aid that is available to them. Doing so can help make studying architecture more affordable, thus allowing students to pursue their aspirations.

Job Opportunities

Once a student has completed their studies in the field of architecture, the next step is to look for a job. The job market in the Philippines is quite lucrative for architects, with a range of positions available both locally and internationally. Most universities also have job boards which help students find prospective employers and assist them in their job search.


Networking is an important aspect of any job search, and this is especially true for those looking to make it as architects. Making connections through university events, alumni groups, and social media can be incredibly helpful in securing a good job. Additionally, attending conventions and seminars organized by organizations such as the United Architects of the Philippines and the Institute of Philippine Architects can be beneficial in expanding one’s network and increasing their chances of finding the right job.


Choosing the best university for architecture in the Philippines is a difficult task. Each university has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important for prospective students to assess their options carefully and pick the one that best meets their needs and goals. If a student does their research, collects the relevant data and makes use of the experts´ perspectives, financial aid and network opportunities available, they will be able to select the best university for studying architecture in the Philippines.

Anita Johnson is an award-winning author and editor with over 15 years of experience in the fields of architecture, design, and urbanism. She has contributed articles and reviews to a variety of print and online publications on topics related to culture, art, architecture, and design from the late 19th century to the present day. Johnson's deep interest in these topics has informed both her writing and curatorial practice as she seeks to connect readers to the built environment around them.

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