Why Choose Architecture

Unique Artform

Architecture is a unique art form, drawing together technologies and aesthetics to create beautiful structures. It is more than just a profession: it is a way of looking at the world, transforming ideas into physical reality. As an architect, you would be taking a holistic view of the built environment, considering the cultural, environmental and human impacts of the structures you create. In this way, architecture is both creative and practical, allowing you to become part of a larger creative vision.

Inherent Complexities

Inherent complexities of architectural design include the ability to transform a concept into physical reality. Architects must be aware of the various dimensions of a design, as well as the various materials that can be used to turn it into a work of art. They must be able to visualise the end result and then work within the constraints of their resources to create something that they can be proud of, while also making sure that it meets all the necessary regulations and requirements.

Creative Satisfaction

Architecture gives you the chance to use your creativity to produce satisfying, visually stimulating works of art. The satisfaction that comes with designing and creating something that can benefit an entire community is hard to beat and working on architectural projects provides you with an excellent opportunity to view and reflect on the existing world as well as to innovate and think out of the box.


Architecture is an inherently interdisciplinary field, and successful architects often draw upon their knowledge of a wide range of subjects when designing structures. Many of today’s complex buildings require advanced knowledge of mathematics, engineering, urban planning and environmental design, in addition to the traditional skills of an architect.

Unique Interaction

Architecture provides a unique interaction between the architect and client. The art of architecture is a two-way process, with the architect working in partnership with a client to bring their vision to life. Through close coordination, architects can help their clients build successful projects that integrate with the surrounding urban environment and meet the needs of those who will be using the buildings.

Career Opportunities

Architecture provides a wide range of different career opportunities. From designing high-rise office complexes to creating eco-friendly housing developments, architects are in high demand in both the private and public sectors. With the rise in popularity of green buildings, there is an ever-growing need for architects to take on projects in order to ensure sustainability within the built environment.

Improved Quality of Life

By taking on a career in architecture, you can help improve the quality of life for many people. Not only does architecture give you the chance to create beautiful, functional structures, but it also has a direct impact on people’s lives, providing them with places to work, relax and enjoy. With the right design, a building can improve the lives of many people, and this is the ultimate reward of a career in architecture.

Advanced Technologies

In recent years, advancements in technology have had a substantial impact on the architectural profession. Computers and software such as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and SketchUp have revolutionised the design process, allowing architects to create complex, 3D designs with unprecedented accuracy. This streamlines the entire process, allowing architects to realise their creative visions in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the past.

Continuous Innovation

The architectural profession is constantly evolving and adapting to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation. As technology continues to improve, architects are encouraged to use these resources to push their creativity to the limit and produce stunning works of art that can stand the test of time.


Architecture is a highly profitable profession, with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $400,000 depending on experience and location. Architects typically work on a variety of different projects, and the potential to earn significantly more than average is greater than with any other profession.

Socially Relevant

Architecture ties in with many aspects of life and is a profession that is highly relevant to the social and cultural climate we live in. In an ever-changing world where cities are growing quickly, architects have a pivotal role to play in the planning and design of the buildings which shape our cities.


Architecture is a profession which is starting to become more accessible to people from all walks of life. Due to recent advancements in technology and a range of training courses, it is now easier for people to gain the skills and qualifications necessary to become an architect.

Global Reach

Architecture is a globally recognised profession and has the potential to drive social and economic development in a number of countries. Architects use their skills to work with international organisations and can travel around the world, applying their expertise to a variety of different projects.

Positive Impact

By choosing a career in architecture, you can have a positive impact on the world. Architects are responsible for building structures that will have an imprint on the environment and people’s lives for years to come, and this is a responsibility that demands respect and creativity. With the right approach, an architect can be the catalyst for positive change in their community.

Anita Johnson is an award-winning author and editor with over 15 years of experience in the fields of architecture, design, and urbanism. She has contributed articles and reviews to a variety of print and online publications on topics related to culture, art, architecture, and design from the late 19th century to the present day. Johnson's deep interest in these topics has informed both her writing and curatorial practice as she seeks to connect readers to the built environment around them.

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