Will Hunter Architecture

Will Hunter Architecture

Will Hunter Architecture is an award-winning firm that specializes in high-end, custom residential design. Founded in New York City in 2004 by William Hunter and his wife, Stephanie, the firm quickly gained a reputation for their creative approach to architecture and design. The team has completed projects in the United States and abroad, from vacation homes in the Caribbean to high-rise apartment buildings in Las Vegas. They strive to create holistic lifestyles that inspire and nurture through an understanding of the physical environment and the clients’ individual needs. By combining the precision of modern forms with the warmth of traditional materials, Will Hunter Architecture breathes life into mundane spaces and creates magical experiences.

Will Hunter Architecture is focused primarily on custom residential projects such as single family homes and condominium units. The firm’s portfolio is divided into several projects types. They are all done in a sleek, modern style, with an emphasis on a balance between outdoor and indoor living. Hunter and his team strive to keep their designs simple and timeless, often using natural materials combined with innovative technology in order to create unique and functional spaces. As a portrait of their work demonstrates, every detail of their projects is carefully thought out.

Hunter and his team are known for their dedication to excellence and attention to detail. They keep an open communication with their clients, and are committed to creating the perfect environment for their customers to relax and thrive in. Much of the firm’s success in the past decade can be attributed to the trust they have built with their clients.

Will Hunter Architecture’s most notable project to date is “The Berkshire”, a modern family estate located in Long Island, NY. The firm was tasked with constructing a 13,000-square-foot luxury home for a family of four. Working in close collaboration with the family and the interior designers, the firm managed to create a stunning and comfortable home for the family’s needs. The result is a modern-day classic, with a clean and open interior, and plenty of natural light. The project was recently featured in several prominent design magazines, and has become a prime example of the firm’s success.

In the past few years, the firm has expanded its reach and completed projects around the world. From beachfront villas in Mexico to penthouse apartments in Dubai, Will Hunter Architecture has gained widespread acclaim for their unique design approach and custom solutions. In addition to their experience working on residential projects, they have also entered the realm of commercial architecture and were recently commissioned to design a new hotel in Santorini, Greece.

William Hunter’s philosophy is to create powerful and lasting relationships between the environment and its inhabitants. By utilizing his team’s wide range of skills, the firm is able to seamlessly blend the inside with the outside, creating an inviting, functional, and modern living space. Hunter believes that architecture is about creating an atmosphere for life, and not just about designing a house. Will Hunter Architecture is a great example of modern architecture that strives to create a dialogue between people, the environment, and their individual needs.

The Process Behind Will Hunter Architecture

The Will Hunter Architecture process is a collaborative effort between their team of architects, designers, and engineers. Their approach is rooted in understanding the client’s needs and goals, as well as a deep understanding of the environment that the project is in. The firm follows a carefully planned process with each project they embark upon. This begins with a study of the land that the project will be built upon, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the client’s lifestyle and preferences. After this initial exploration period, the team moves on to the design stage, where they craft a custom solution tailored to the particular setting.

The design process is an iterative and intensive one that includes several rounds of back-and-forth between the team members and the client. During this process, the firm is constantly refining the design in order to create a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The design then moves on to drawings and renderings, as well as a detailed plan for the implementation of the design.

After the design is finalized, the firm then moves onto the construction phase of the project. During this phase, the firm works closely with the contractors and site foremen to ensure that the project is completed according to their high standards. The team at Will Hunter Architecture are well-versed in construction techniques, and are adept at navigating the complex and often difficult construction process. After the project is completed, the firm continues to provide support, offering guidance and advice as the client adjusts to their new living situation.

Conclusion of Projects

Will Hunter Architecture offers a highly custom approach to every project they take on. They believe in creating unique and meaningful spaces that bring their clients joy, with their focus being on craftsmanship, quality, and timelessness. Every project they undertake is a unique opportunity to bring their clients’ ideas and dreams to fruition. The firm prides themselves on providing a consistently high-level of service and design, and they are always pushing the boundaries of modern architecture.

The firm’s portfolio is an inspiring visual account of their design capabilities. From residential homes to commercial facilities, Hunter and his team have consistently delivered beautiful and functional solutions that have made a lasting impact on their clients’ lives. Whether its a single family home or a high-rise apartment building, Will Hunter Architecture brings beauty and meaning to each project they undertake.

Inspiration Behind Will Hunter Architecture

Will Hunter Architecture takes inspiration from nature, art, culture, and industry. They strive to create structures that are both beautiful and practical, and are always searching for innovative ways to bring their clients’ dreams to life. The firm has a wide range of influences, from the classicism of traditional architecture to the modern forms of industrial design.

The team at Will Hunter Architecture are also motivated by the potential of technology to reinvigorate the built environment. They believe in maximizing an environment’s potential through the application of smart technology and modern fixtures. Hunter and his team are constantly exploring new possibilities, creating spaces that combine functionality, comfort, and sustainability.

Beyond modern aesthetic, the firm is inspired by the personal stories of their clients and their visions for their future. The team believes in creating a dialogue between the physical landscape and their clients, building relationships that last beyond the end of the projects. This approach to architecture is rooted in Will Hunter’s goal to create holistic lifestyles that inspire and nurture.

Will Hunter Architecture and Green Design

Will Hunter Architecture is committed to sustainable design practices, with an emphasis on efficient energy use and materials. The firm has completed several green projects over the years, from low-carbon homes to eco-friendly vacation resorts. Hunter and his team combine a range of green technologies in each project, from solar power and energy-efficient fixtures to water-wise landscaping.

The firm understands that green design is not just about energy savings, but about creating environments that are healthier for their occupants. They strive to create green spaces that are attractive and comfortable for their users, with a focus on increasing air and light quality throughout the structure. Additionally, their commitment to low-carbon overall means that their projects have a much smaller environmental impact than traditional buildings.

Will Hunter Architecture’s dedication to green building practices has earned them several notable awards, including the US Green Building Council’s “Green Home of the Year” award in 2014. The firm’s commitment to sustainability is an example of their ability to bring their clients’ visions to life while also remaining conscious of the environment.

The Team Behind Will Hunter Architecture

The team at Will Hunter Architecture is considered to be some of the finest architects and designers in the industry. With a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, they strive to create unique and meaningful solutions to their clients’ individual needs.

William Hunter and Stephanie are at the center of the team, both providing guidance and mentorship throughout the course of each project. William has a Masters Degree in Architecture, and has won several awards for his innovative design solutions. Stephanie is an interior designer and has been a leader in creating welcoming and comfortable living environments for over a decade. They are also supported by a talented team of architects, CAD drafters, engineers, and consultants from a variety of professional fields.

The team at Will Hunter Architecture is committed to delivering exceptional service to their clients. Together, they create striking projects that are tailored to their clients’ individual needs. The firm’s portfolio demonstrates their ability to create beautiful, comfortable, and timeless spaces that inspire and nurture.

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